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James Patterson Still Can't Beat Detective Fran...
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Detective Frank Jones begins with an unsolved murder of another young college student. He is informed by DHS (Department of Hit Security) and other Fed agencies that he is off the case. They are handling the murder investigation. The next day, Jamal McBrown, a 22-year-old African American male is found hanging above the Confederate Museum in Charleston. Jones and his new partner Mary Parker hit pay dirt during their interview of their first suspect, Vito Corlean, Sicilian Energy entrepreneur and billionaire. In a twist of bitter irony, Vito's daughter Melanie was dating Jamal despite her father’s condemnations, or did he condone the interracial union between the two? Yet, Frank now faces new enemies, including his new partner Mary Parker. Mary is 33 years old and juggles raising her son Nate and chasing bad guys. In lieu of Frank chemical imbalances, Mary goes through her own transformation, as she embraces a new alternative lifestyle of lesbianism. As Frank learns, Vito’s reach is like the Ravenel Bridge over the Cooper. Travel with Frank as he attempts to save his life by ending it; takes on a new identity in Palermo, Sicily, to infiltrate Vito’s family roots; and learns his wife is a lesbian as well. Set in Charleston, SC, and Palermo, Sicily, it is a travail of a detective most mortals would not survive.Thank you especially to Japan. The last book was number six under lesbian/gay fictional genre. I hope France, India, Canada, Brazil, Germany, and all over will embrace a new unconvetional Detective Frank Jones. (Leslie Indigo Nicole) 1. Language: English. Narrator: Raymond S Gray. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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